Designer Nigel Ramsay’s unique style is an alluring combination of simple, free and flowing lines enhanced by vibrant colors, ethnic grandeur and raw sensuality.  Whether he is designing a line of vibrant and titillating bathing suits, or a Caribbean inspired formal gown, Ramsay approaches all of his designs with the “natural” female form in mind.  His creations celebrate women’s bodies by accentuating cleavage, curves and legs, but it is done in such a way that flatters and makes women feel sophisticated, confident and comfortable.

Born January 25, 1974 in Hanover, Jamaica WI, Ramsay’s interest in fashion was sparked during his early childhood while watching his grandmother sew costumes for dolls.  After moving to the United States in 1989 at age 15, Ramsay enrolled at Weaver High School where he took up sewing. His interest and passion for sewing and subsequently design, continued through his remaining high school years.  After graduating from high school, Ramsay organized and financed his first full show in Hartford  to much success and critical acclaim.  He rose to prominence as a designer in Boston, MA where he lived and worked for 10-years.  His women’s and men’s designs have been presented in Hartford, Boston Fashion Week, as well as Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica.  He has also participated in numerous charitable events showcasing in Boston, Miami, Connecticut and at the Parsons School of Design in New York City.

 Through his efforts, he has achieved a number of awards which include being named Boston’s Innovative Designer of the Year in 1998 and Hartford’s Designer of the Year in 2009.  Ramsay has also received the prestigious Hartford Art and Heritage Jobs Grant, created to support and promote Hartford’s rising artists in their pursuit of excellence in the Greater Hartford community.  In both 2011 and 2012, Ramsay’s styling and designs were presented during a segment on Boston’s Fox25. Finally, he has been featured in publications which include the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, Platinum Magazine, Improper Bostonian, and Stuff at Night Magazine.

Ramsay is a perfectionist who is confident, outgoing, creative, passionate, fun and consistent. He says he produces his best work when he works under pressure.  In addition to fashion, Ramsay is an interior designer and gourmet food enthusiast who loves to entertain. He has even worked as an event coordinator for prominent restaurants in Jamaica.

Nigel Ramsay visualizes a future in which his fashions will continue to bridge social and cultural boundaries while also becoming a statement for the socially conscious. He believes his fashion can embrace the natural curves of all women’s bodies while celebrating all that she is and will become. Journey along with Nigel Ramsay as his goal is to continue to delight by designing fashion that stimulates self-expression, celebrates cultural diversity and embraces the female form for many years to come.